Books worth reading to students

Punctuation Celebration

Punctuation Celebration - Elsa Knight Bruno, Jenny Whitehead

This book features many different types of punctuation, a description of each, and an example using the punctuation. I would use this book with mostly younger grades such as first and second grade. The Lexile level of this book is 650L. This would be a great book for introducing punctuation. After reading the book, a teacher could put the students into groups and assign each group a punctuation mark. Each group will present a poster board that states the name of the punctuation mark, job of the punctuation mark, and an example of it. They could reference the book for help. Each person in the group would have a different job to keep the group on task. The jobs could be artist, describer, task manager, referencer, and speaker. After each group has prepared, they could all present during "rug time".